The UP BOX means business

UP BOX+ has a host of smart features:

  • Built in air filtration – Office or classroom friendly
  • Open Materials – use just about any filament
  • Auto Calibration – 3D printing couldn’t be any easier
  • Powercut Recovery – Resume a print after a power outage
  • Out of filament sensor – Load new material to resume

Safety First

No matter what printer you are using, Ultra Fine Particles (UFP) will be produced; after all, we are melting plastic. A basic requirement for all 3D printers is to have an enclosed print area, but it is simply not enough to keep you from being exposed to the emissions. Unless you have installed a venting system yourself, the UFP will still be present in the enclosed print chamber.

Now, here’s the what sets the UP BOX+ apart from other FDM 3D printers: UP Air Filter system. The UP Air Filter is an advanced, two-in-one system made up of the HEPA filter and Active Carbon Filter that constantly works to draw in the UFP and VOC emitted during printing.

Last 300hrs / 3 months of printing


Ideal for the Prosumer

Professional parts at your fingertips

The UP BOX+ 3D Printer can print professional (100 micron HD detail), huge, tough and functional parts faster and more affordable right on your desk. Switch between different nozzles to achieve high quality parts that are comparable to large industrial 3D printers.

A fully-enclosed unit, the UP BOX+ is imbued with an industrial touch with its internal steel chassis, mingled with a sleek and modern external body.

Have one in the office, classroom or the workshop; it’s truly a sophisticated piece of manufacturing equipment.

Pull the plug on power outage woes

You’re on your final leg of a long, long print job; the end is near and it only has about half an hour to go. Suddenly you’re struck by a power cut, you forgot to pay the electricity bill or someone accidentally turned the power off.

Hours, wasted! Filament, wasted!

The new smart feature of the UP BOX+ allows you to pick up from where you left off and finish off the print seamlessly. Users are prompted whether they want to resume the print upon turning the printer back on.

Filament detection function

Running out of filament halfway through a print job is another thorn in our side. Usually, it’s a case of overestimating how much plastic is left on the spool, but it’s a situation that costs you time and money.

Most 3D printers will keep printing because it doesn’t know that and you end up with a model with a whole chunk missing. Luckily, the UP BOX+ is smarter than that because we have fitted it with a filament detection system that automatically pauses the print when activated.

This gives you the window of opportunity to save your progress by simply loading in a new spool and resuming the print from where it left off.


 Air filtration  HEPA Filter
Power Outage Resume mid-print
Material 1.75mm ABS, PLA + many others
Filament Sensor Automatically pauses when out of filament
Finest layer 100um / 0.10 - 0.35mm per layer
Build volume 250 x 205 x 205mm
Automatic calibration Auto-level + Nozzle height detect
Platform Heated & factory calibrated
Support material Smart support
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2.4G networked or USB 2.0
OS Windows, MAC, iPhone or iPad.
Warranty 12 month with options for up to 3 years