Titan Mini CNC router

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Our Titan Mini is the newest machine in our range of CNC routers

Freestanding with a rigid steel frame the Titan mini is designed to be used as a production machine capable of producing large volumes of parts while not compromising and speed and accuracy 


The Titan Mini is designed for versatility and can be used to cut a range of material like Foam, Wood, ACM, Plastic, Carbon Fibre, Aluminium and more.

Working area

The Titan Mini is the smaller of the Titan series machine however it still has a generous working area of 1300mm x 1300mm x 180mm

Waste board and Workholding

The Titan mini does not come with any bed or waste board as standard giving you the flexibility to add your own 

There are multiple beds and work holding options available to suit any purpose, from a vacuum bed to an MDF bed with threaded inserts, these can be easily added to your machine during the manufacturing process or in the future after you have received your machine 


The Titan Mini uses Rack and Pinion to drive each axis with power being provided by NEMA 34 closed-loop stepper motors. This allows the Titan Mini to run fast while still keeping cuts incredibly accurate 

All axes run on 20mm linear rails increasing the rigidity and providing a smooth ride 


The Titan Mini uses the UC300eth controller with UCCNC software

The UCCNC is a full production-spec CNC control software platform. The system has been designed to help make the interaction with a machine as easy and as straight forward as possible – without compromising on functionality

UCCNC will work with most CAD/CAM packaged including Fusion 360, Cut2D, Vcarve Cut3D, CAMBAM, and many others 


The Z-axes on Titan Mini is made out of billet aluminum machined in-house. The Z-axis is driven by a single ball screw centered between two 20mm linear rails.

The spindle is then mounted directly to the linear bearing via a mounting plate, the connection is incredibly strong and significantly reduces the amount of chatter on parts when running at higher speeds 


All Vertigo CNC wiring looms are made using Lapp cable with Molex crimps and connectors, to ensure that the wiring is easily upgradable and customizable. The Molex connectors are used on all wiring connections including the motors, giving you versatility and the option to upgrade in the future as Vertigo Technologies continues to innovate.

Fully Customisable

As we are the designer and manufacturer of these machines they are fully customizable. We are happy to work with you to design a machine fit for your purpose we have added many optional extras and upgrade to the machine with more to come including 


  • Wine rack ATC + Spindle
  • 2KW vacuum pump
  • PVC Vacuum bed
  • Minimum quantity lubricant
  • Size increase
  • Alignment pop-pins 
  • Dust extraction system 
  • Dust shoe
  • Pendant
  • Laser
  • Drag knife  


Titan Mini specs