Stepper Motor for Vertigo CNC

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This stepper motor provides 1.26 Newton-metres (178.4 ounce-inches) of torque. Its relatively flat torque curve helps the Vertigo CNC cut through tough materials, while still achieving fast "rapids" between cuts, and also keeping feed-rates fast when step-downs are low.

Being a brushless motor, it rarely fails - but if it does, you can easily purchase a replacement here. Also, if you have a Vertigo CNC with the older generation of motors (look for "1504S" in the part number of the back of the motor), you may want to replace them with the latest motors in order to get improved performance from your machine.

This stepper motor is also ideal for various non-CNC applications.

For installation, choose either the four-pin Molex connector (for plug-and-play installation on Vertigo CNC machines built after mid-2018) or unterminated wires that can be soldered directly to your custom machine or older Vertigo CNC.

If you're building a new machine with these motors, you may want to consider also getting our compatible flexible motor couplings.


  • Width: 57mm
  • Height: 57mm
  • Depth: 56mm
  • Shaft Length: 21mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 6.35mm
  • Cable/Lead Length: 75mm (with Molex connector) or 300mm (with unterminated wires)


  • Type: 4-lead bipolar stepper motor
  • Step Angle: 1.8 degrees
  • Rated Current per Phase: 2.8A