Laser Breakout Cable for Vertigo CNC

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This cable allows a third-party laser module to be connected to the Vertigo CNC. The cable connects to the a 4-pin Molex connector near the Z-axis of the Vertigo CNC. The other end of the cable is broken out into three wires (+24V, GND, and 3.3V PWM) so that it can be connected to any PWM-controlled 24V laser module.

Please note that if you have an older Vertigo CNC (before mid-2018), your laser connector may look different. If so, please leave us a note in your order to let us know so that we can send you the correct type of cable.

Warning: Installing a third-party laser may require soldering. Please ensure you fully understand your laser's wiring requirements before beginning. Incorrect wiring of your laser may cause damage to the laser or to the Vertigo CNC's control circuitry. Such damage is not covered by our warranty.