Design to Manufacture with Fusion 360

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Design to Manufacture with Fusion 360
9am - 4:30pm
Facilitator: Brett Cottle 

"Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD/CAM/CAE tool for collaborative product development. Fusion 360 combines fast and easy organic modeling with precise solid modeling, to help you create manufacturable designs."

Get started with Autodesk Fusion 360 in one of our Design to Manufacture classes, hone your skills, and master your CAD / CAM and CNC workflow. 
Gain skills that will help you turn your design ideas into reality with the help of Autodesk Fusion 360 and Vertigo CNC.

Class Covers
  • Fusion 360 interface
  • Sketching - Creating a shape, adding constraints and dimensions 
  • Solids - Creating and editing a solid based on a sketch and adding features 
  • Assemblies - adding and manipulating joints 
  • Manufacturing (CAM) - Overview, Toolpaths, 2D machines strategies, and postprocessors

Must be able to confidently use a computer. No prior knowledge of Fusion 360 or 3D modeling is necessary however experience in design software is recommended

You will be required to bring your own computer, so before booking make sure you have access to one for both days

Courses are currently available in Auckland and Christchurch. To keep class sizes small, spaces are limited to 8 attendees per class - so get in quick!

This class is intended to be a well-detailed introduction into Fusion 360 and its capabilities, however, due to time constraints not everything is covered, but if there are any particular burning questions you have during this class that may be outside the class structure we are happy to walk through those providing time allows. 

The course is run by Brett Cottle, product manager and inventor of the popular Vertigo CNC. Brett is an expert in turning ideas into reality using Fusion 360, with a passion for sharing his knowledge with other budding designers and makers!