Aluminium Stock


We provide aluminium plate in a variety of thicknesses, cut to any dimensions from 2cm x 2cm up to 100cm x 100cm. Enter the thickness, dimensions, and number of pieces you want, and our instant pricing calculator will provide you a guaranteed price! When you're ready to go ahead, just click "Add to cart" and you're good to go.

Pricing consists of a fixed per-piece charge, and a material cost that is charged in increments of 100 square cm.

To order pieces of different sizes, just add each size to the cart separately. You'll be able to review the different sizes you've chosen on the Cart page before checkout.

Note that due to software limitations, the checkout page itself only shows the total number of 100-sq-cm units ordered, so the quantities may look unusual — but don't worry! Your sizing specifications will still come through correctly to us.

If you'd like to order larger pieces — or a lot of them — get in touch with us for a custom quote.