Technical & Troubleshooting FAQ

Technical & Troubleshooting

I have pressed the E-stop and now i cannot home the machine

Your machine has probably disconnected from your computer, turn off your controller using the switch on the back, unplug the USB cable from your computer,  wait 5 seconds then turn the controller back on and plug the USB back in, this should allow your machine to reconnect.

My machine won't power up.

Make sure everything is connected and the power outlets you're using are turned on. You can check this by lifting the big red emergency stop button on the control box and turning the router on (there is an on switch on the side of the router).

The machine requires two independent power sources, and if either one of these is off then the router will not power on. The most common reason for this issue if the control box power supply is not connected, or if the wall plug that the machine is connected to is not working.

How can I make sure my wall plug is working?

The control box power supply has a blue LED on the front of it. If this is illuminated and you're still experiencing issues, check that the switch on the back of the control box is turned on and the red emergency stop button is lifted up (twist and lift).

My computer is not recognising the machine as a USB device.

If you are running anything older than Windows 10 then you may need to install USB drivers. The drivers can be found at this link If you are still experiencing connection issues. feel free to get in touch with our support team.

What control software do I use?

We have made it possible to use lots of different control programs with our CNC machines. The one that most of our customers use is CNCjs, See the Downloads page on our website for the latest version.

Our machines will work with any control program that is compatible with the Smoothieware machine controller, such as UGS and Easel.

What is Smoothieware?

Smoothieware is an open-source firmware that runs on the microcontroller in the machine, This firmware controls the motors and other components of the machine.

If you would like to learn more about Smoothieware, see

Can I download firmware updates directly from the Smoothieware page?

Unfortunately not, as the version of Smoothieware that we use on our machines includes modifications that we have made to add features and incorporate customer feedback. Check out our downloads page for the latest firmware.

However, all of the basic functionality, configuration settings, and so on that are supported by the original Smoothieware are also supported by our version, so the Smoothieware website is still a good source of information for the firmware running on our machines.

I seem to be having post-processor issues in Fusion 360.

Make sure you have the latest post-processor version. This can be downloaded directly from CADPRO’s website:

Can I leave the machine alone when it is running?

We do not recommend this.

First, it is possible for sawdust to ignite spontaneously. Although this is a rare occurrence, it cannot be completely prevented, so you should always keep an eye on your machine while it is cutting, and keep a fire extinguisher close by.

Second, it is important that a rotating cutter does not remain stationary within the material for a long period of time (as could happen due to an incorrect toolpath, or a spontaneous failure of motors), as this can cause the material to heat up and ignite.

My machine stopped mid-cut - what is going on?

The most common reason for this is that your computer has gone to sleep. To prevent this from happening, you may want to set your computer not to go to sleep while it is plugged in.

It is also possible for the machine to stop because the USB cable has become disconnected, or in rare cases because the controller has overheated.

If my machine does stop mid-cut, can I restart from that point and continue?

Unfortunately not at this stage. However, we are working on this feature and it will be available in a future firmware update. One of the best ways to mitigate this risk is to write down the machine position after you set your work zero and then return to this point and start the job over.

Please do let our team know if you are experiencing this issue regularly.

My machine isn't getting the expected accuracy.

All machines are tested and tuned for accuracy and repeatability in the factory. However, it is possible for machines to lose accuracy over time. Contact us for help on re-tuning your CNC machine accuracy.