Gen 1 Controller Ethernet setup

Please find the information for how to connect over ethernet below
  1. First, you'll need an Ethernet cable of an appropriate length. You can either:
  • Run the cable directly from your computer to your Vertigo CNC, or;
  • If you have aEthernet network (e.g. a router or switch) that your computer is already connected to, you can connect your machine directly to that network.
  • Install the following programs onto your computer:
  1. Modified CNCjs: (this is a modified version of CNCjs with the Ethernet conectivity added).
    Bonjour (this is a helper program that the modified CNCjs uses to find your Vertigo CNC on the network).
  • Some additional lines need to be added to your Vertigo CNC's configuration file (Config.txt, also on the internal storage). The lines to add are as follows:

  • network.enable                               true
    network.webserver.enable                     true
    network.hostname                                                            vertigocnc

    Then, only if you've connected your computer directly to your Vertigo CNC (as opposed to via an existing network), add the following additional lines:


    Once this is all done, and you've rebooted your Vertigo CNC (by powering it off, including unplugging USB, and then powering it on again), you should be able to run CNCjs and connect to the machine without having the USB port plugged in. The machine will appear in CNCjs under its hostname (vertigocnc), rather than the COM port that you previously connected to.